Silicon Food Lid

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Silicon Food Cover Set

Silicon Food Cover Set of 6 pcs Can be stretched to suit a variety of different sizes.
Silicone material.BPA Free and reusable.
Can be used in microwaves or refrigerators. Keep food fresh.
Strong adsorption, leak-proof.

Material: Food Grade Silicone
Size: Approx. Diam 19/15.5/13.5/11/9/6.5cm
Color: Multicolor
Packing: 6Pcs/set Silicone Stretch Lids

Silicon cover Wrap Made of healthy,food-grade non-toxic silicone material, not easy to damage or deform, durable for long time use. kitchen reusable silicone stretch cover can keep food fresh for a long time, different sizes fit most bowls. Very good elasticity can be stretched 2 times than the original size. Resistant? to heat up to 230℃,?can put it in boiling water to wash, also it is cold resistant which can be used under-40℃. Can be used in refrigerators, microwaves, or ovens, is easy to clean, and is reusable

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