Smart Kitchen Rack

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⭐ Smart Kitchen Rack

Material: High Quality Aluminium
Dimension (L x W x H) : 60 x 13 x 25 cm

Full aluminum design with a fence keeps your kitchenware organized and safe.
8 Hooks for hanging cook utensils, cutting boards, pots, pans, and dish towels. Two cups can store knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, and even toothbrushes.
Four knife slots can store all kinds of the size of a knife, such as a kitchen knife, fruit knife and etc.
The shelf space itself can store cups, tableware, spices, condiments, cans, and jars.
SAEBYE ALUMINUM KITCHEN RACK ADVANTAGE: Made by aluminum alloy, sturdy, durable, lightweight, and anti-rust with 3 screws ensuring strong and sturdy holding.
CONVENIENT AND REASONABLE ORGANIZATION: 10 hooks, four knife slots and the shelf space itself can store cups, tableware, spices, condiments, cans, and jars.
TIDY YOUR KITCHEN WITH SPECIAL STRIPE DESIGN: the hollowing cup can keep dry inside, very suitable for kitchen, bathroom, family, hotel, or restaurant.
EASY TO MOUNT ON THE WALL WITHOUT NEED A HANDYMAN: the kitchen rack can also withstand 40 pounds weight (just 1.9 pounds).
POLISHED OXIDIZED FINISH APPEARANCE: durable and beautiful, the simple and modern style fits seamlessly into almost any decorating style keep your kitchen organized and great.

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